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Website Status
Startup StatusOperating
Launched 2007
Nº Employees 70
Money Raised Undefined
Office Location


TV Everywhere Solutions

UX strategy, design and development for multi-screen and TV Everywhere applications.

Digiflare Inc. is an interactive agency that provides digital solutions and services to the top North American brands including clients within industry verticals such as Media & Entertainment, Tele-Communications, Financial Services and Consumer Packaged Goods. We help organizations discover and deliver new opportunities to enhance their business through interactive experiences on emerging platforms across the web browser, mobile / tablet, desktop, game console and TV. Our value proposition is how we work cohesively with our stakeholders to ensure the final product meets the overall vision. Our core competencies include creative design, user behaviour strategy, and quality functionality to provide a compelling user experience across various form factors. Digiflare is recognized as Microsoft Gold Digital Marketing Competency Partner as well as a BlackBerry Select Tier Partner.

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A Full Service Digital Agency

Startup Tags: mobile, applications, web, tablet, set-top-box, software, Mobile, Internet-TV, Video-Streaming, Tablets

money raised
Startup Status
David George
Mano Kulasingam

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Date Milestone Description
2007 JanFoundedStart of digiflare.com
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